For lovers of Classic Rock and Blues; a new CD emerges from Tony Vani, "Moist Mix.  "Moist Mix is a collection of both original and cover tunes, both live and studio recordings from  over the span of 15 years.   Tony vani, singer-songwriter from Belleville, ON has hand-picked these songs as some of his favourites.  

$ 10.00 USD

1. The Night (Tony Vani)

2. Where is you life going  (Tony Vani)

3. Shout it right out loud  (Tony Vani & Deb Hoskin)

4. You ask me (Tony Vani)

5. We're Here For a good Time (Trooper)

6. Cant See what you see in me (Tony Vani)

7. Praying Mantis Blues (Tony Vani)

8. Have I told you Lately (Van Morrison)

9. Live Hard and play hard (Tony Vani)

10.Tonight goann feel alright (Tony Vani)

11. Making it work (Doug and the Slugs)

12. The First Cut is the deepest (Cat Stevens)

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